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visioning event

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sharing food and ideas about our community garden

Eight neighbors participated, all of whom lived within 1 block of the site. We ended up talking for over 3 hours about the project! One pair of residents who live across the street from each other (1 lived in that location for 8 years, the other for about 15 years) learned each others’ names for the first time. It was amazing to watch how this idea of a community garden excited us and stimulated our engagement in other ways. Two individuals agreed to sign up to be adopt-a-block coordinators. Six were interested in planting trees as part of our NeighborWoods application. Most importantly, we got to know each other – what we like and don’t like about living here and what we want to do to improve our area. One gentleman has no interest in gardening but came because he is supportive of the other (non-food) benefits of this plan. Immediately after the visioning event, three of us worked on trimming a tree which was diseased and had some dead limbs until it got too dark to work. Everyone asked about what they could do to help with the site including mowing, cutting back brush, etc. Any number of projects could probably have served this purpose but I believe community gardening particularly resonates with my neighbors because of their basic familiarity with gardening and its benefits. In addition, we are eager to use vacant land for a purpose, one which will unite and contribute positively to the area in many ways.