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working on the new sign along Broadway

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2011 at 9:59 pm

Our artist talent, Rachel Nelson, went to work (once again) on the new sign along Broadway Street, now that our “old” sign is installed along the alley.  We are really excited about our new sign from KIB because it has a cork board in back for pictures and announcements.  It is also larger so that we can put our contact info on it.  Tyson had the great idea of a sunflower at the top where the sign is curved.  Here are some pics to see our artist-gardener at work.  If you want to see some of her (and her husband’s) creative activity, check out their great garden signs in their plot!


the artist-gardener at work!

sketching the sunflower

sketching the IndyTilth logo

preliminary product


work party with KIB visiting youth team

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We were privileged to work with a visiting youth group who was traveling across the country and volunteering on projects like the Broadway Community Garden.  They were hard workers, and we very much appreciate their help!  See below for some of the results of their work:

building a cistern stand with pavers

moving and spreading dirt in low spots

digging out invasive plants (and stumps!)

newly installed garden sign along the alley